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Heat Pumps

Equipment Supply and Install

An electric heat pump is a heating and cooling system. It is fully reversible, meaning that it can both heat and cool your home.

An electric heat pump uses less energy to heat and cool the space in your home than traditional equipment does and is an excellent choice for both new homes and retrofits of existing heating and cooling systems.

How does a heat pump work?

During the cooler months, a heat pump extracts heat from the outside air, using electricity to increase the temperature of the heat and transfer it inside your home. The heat pump’s advanced technology enables it, even during Canada’s cold winter days, to extract heat from the outside air to heat your home. Although heat pumps are best known for heating, they also provide cooling by transferring heat from warm indoor air to the outside of your home. In fact, if you have an air conditioner at home, you are already familiar with heat pump technology – they work in the same way.

Heat pumps transfer heat rather than generate heat, making them energy-efficient while they provide comfortable temperatures for your home year-round.

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