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Furnace Oil Supply & Delivery

Improve Your Combustion Efficiency with ThermaClean™

Upper Canada Fuel & Burner proudly offers ThermaClean™ as a premium fuel option for your heating requirements. ThermaClean is a high-quality home heating fuel designed to burn cleaner and more efficiently.  This specially formulated fuel ensures a cleaner and more efficient burn, reducing soot and waste compared to regular heating oil. 

Additionally, ThermaClean™ contributes to extending the life of your heating system in an environmentally friendly manner. Opting for this premium fuel not only enhances burner cleanliness and efficiency but also includes rust and corrosion inhibitors to safeguard your heating system and oil tanks.

World-renowned, independent laboratory TÜV in Germany showed a dramatic increase in burner cleanliness and efficiency when using the additives found in ThermaClean™. 

Research showed:

  • the immediate and continued improvement in combustion efficiency

  • a reduction in waste of heating oil due to heat loss or inefficient combustion

  • a dramatic improvement in the cleanliness of heating systems


Choose ThermaClean™ to keep your heating system operating smoothly, requiring lower maintenance and generating less waste!



Here at Upper Canada Fuel & Burner, we offer both service and delivery which means we can take care of all your heating requirements and conduct the inspection for you. 

The tank inspections are done every 10 years so that you have peace of mind and we can safely deliver.

Seeking furnace oil in Peterborough, Durham Region, Greater Napanee, Kingston or the surrounding areas? Select Upper Canada Fuel & Burner for hassle-free delivery, top-notch service, competitive pricing, and high-quality fuel for your home. Consider us your one-stop-shop for all things Furnace Oil related. Sign up here, or phone us today!


Ready to signup for furnace oil for your home? Just click and complete the signup form here. If you have any questions about oil furnaces or heating oil, we are here to answer them. We strive to deliver our products in a timely and hassle-free manner. Contact your closest Upper Canada Fuels location today.




Automatic Delivery
Automatic delivery is only offered for your primary heat source.


Furnace Oil Tank - Requirements
The installation code for furnace oil-burning equipment was updated in 2016. For safety reasons, the update requires that all new furnace oil tanks installed need to be double bottom or double walled and come with a tray installed under all indoor tanks. 

Furnace Oil Tank - Comprehensive Inspection

When delivering fuel to you for the first time, any fuel provider will require a copy of your Comprehensive Inspection Certificate issued by a licensed technician. This ensures that you are protected and that your equipment is installed to code and operating safely and efficiently. 

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