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Looking For A New Central Air Conditioning Unit

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Upper Canada Fuel and Burner Central Air Conditioning We're in for a long hot summer this year. Central Air Conditioners are becoming an essential purchase. With that in mind, Upper Canada Fuel and Burner has some important tips for choosing a new air conditioning unit and when to replace your existing unit. Air conditioning units have a lifespan of approximately 20-25 years. If your unit is around that age you will likely be replacing it in the next few years. The lifespan of your unit is dependent on how you maintain the unit. A poorly maintained air conditioning unit can considerably reduce its effectiveness. Signs you need to replace the unit:

  • No longer maintains the right temperature

  • Decreased airflow

  • Strange noises or odours

  • Leaking moisture

  • Short cycling ( turning on/off more frequently than needed)

  • Needing more repairs

  • Air conditioning bills increasing

Maintaining service for your air conditioner can alleviate these issues. This includes changing the air filter at the start of air conditioning season and again around the first week of August. This task can easily be completed by the home owner. If you do need to replace your central air conditioning unit. Here are some helpful tips from Upper Canada Fuel and Burner •Always choose a reputable HVAC Contractor. They can help you choose the right central air conditioning unit for your home. •Do your research •Remember that central air conditioners must be professionally installed and may need the installation of ductwork in your home •Make sure to choose energy-efficient units. Look for the blue Energy Star label. This shows that this unit is certified as energy efficient. •Choose the right size •If you have a smart thermostat, make sure it is compatible with your new central air conditioner Upper Canada Fuel and Burner is ready to help you stay cool this summer. They will provide you with a reliable and competitive quote for your new central air conditioning unit, and they can service and repair your existing air conditioner. They offer a wide range of environmentally responsible cooling systems. Experienced air conditioning consultants and service technicians are ready to help you with all your central air conditioning needs. They service Oshawa, Peterborough, Napanee, Kingston and surrounding areas. Don't suffer through a hot and uncomfortable summer any longer. Contact Upper Canada and Fuel and Burner today! In Oshawa please call: 1-905-723-3742

In Peterborough call:


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In Napanee call:

1-613-3545-6505 Or Email:

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