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Commercial Credit Application

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Accounts are to be Paid in Full 30 days from date of statement. (Unless otherwise stipulated)

Cardlock accounts are to be Paid in Full with 30 days of statement. (Unless otherwise stipulated.) (Refer to agreement for use of automatic dispensing facility.)

There are to be no deductions or holdbacks of any kind from the account billed, unless prior approval is obtained from the Credit Manager of Upper Canada Fuels. A service charge of 2% per month (26.82% per annum) will be charged on all past due accounts. Failure to comply with the above clauses will result to cancellation of credit privileges, and in the event of cardlock account, a temporary suspension of cardlock privileges with Upper Canada Fuels may result without prior notice. Accounts locked out of the Cardlock System must pay all due balances in full, before consideration may be made to re-establish charge terms. In the event of non-payment when demanded, Upper Canada Fuels will exercise all legal means at its disposal to collect the account without further notice. Tendering a N.S.F. cheque automatically terminates credit privileges.

Upper Canada Fuels reserves the right to revoke credit privileges at any time for any reason.  That the information provided to Upper Canada Fuels is true and agrees to abide and bound by the terms set out in this application. The applicant acknowledges and agrees to credit responsibility for all purchases on the account as outlined in the credit terms attached in the website.

I agree to the terms & conditions
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