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Propane Fuel Delivery

Propane Perks: Elevating Your Heating Experience

Propane stands as a versatile and dependable option for energizing diverse areas of your business.


Whether you're heating the patio, keeping the pool comfortable, food preparation in the kitchen, efficient clothes drying, or enjoying the warmth of a fireplace, propane remains consistently available whenever needed.

Why Propane Stands Out

Propane is a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to oil. It costs up to 60% less, produces less pollution for better health and the environment, and burns cleaner in furnaces.


Additionally, propane furnaces have lower maintenance costs and longer lifespans compared to traditional appliances.

Why Upper Canada Fuel & Burner

Choose Upper Canada Fuel & Burner, and you'll enjoy the advantage of having dedicated local professionals on your side, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.


Equipped with both the necessary tools and skilled personnel, we consistently deliver great products and services. Moreover, the convenience of automatic delivery is at your disposal, further enhancing the hassle-free nature of your fuel supply.

We offer a variety of propane tanks available for rent, and our rental package encompasses comprehensive services, including the installation and maintenance of the tanks. Rest assured, there are no unexpected surprises – only exceptional service provided as part of our agreement. Your satisfaction is our priority!


Immerse yourself in the joys of propane. Revel in a hassle-free and effortlessly comfortable environment that we proudly provide. Sign up today by completing our signup form, or give your local office a call today



Q - What can I do to better prepare for upcoming winter storms?

  • Ensure you mark your tank by a flag, pole, or stake that is higher than the average snow cover depth

  • As roads might not be accessible to bring in propane supply, have adequate supply in your tank

  • Ensure you clear ice and snow from your intake and exhaust pipes to avoid issues like frozen pipes or Carbon Monoxide poisoning

Q - Where can I find out more about propane safety?

For more information on propane safety, click here to download the PDF on propane safety by the Canadian Propane Association.

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