Propane Gas in Peterborough, Oshawa, Kingston and Greater Napanee

Propane is a gas produced as a by-product of two other processes, petroleum refining and natural gas processing. The processing of natural gas involves removal of propane, butane, and large amounts of ethane from the raw gas. Additionally, oil refineries produce propane as a by-product of cracking petroleum into heating oil or gasoline. 

Propane is one of the most versatile and the cleanest fuels in existence. It is a popular choice for portable stoves and barbeques because of its low boiling point. Upper Canada Fuel & Burner offers propane gas to residential, commercial, and agricultural sites in Peterborough, Oshawa, Kingston, Greater Napanee, and the surrounding areas. Trust our professionals to handle all your propane gas needs.

Facts About Propane Gas

At Home

  • Fireplaces and cooking

  • Fridges and dryers

  • Heating air and hot water

In Industry

  • Powering forklifts

  • Metal processing

  • Industrial needs

Facts about Propane

  • Propane costs up to 60% less than fuel oil

  • Propane creates less pollution - it is better for your health & the environment

  • Propane furnaces burn cleaner than fuel oil furnaces

  • Maintenance costs of propane furnaces are generally lower and they last longer than traditional furnaces

Propane Safety

Although propane is considered to be one of the safest fuels for consumer use, it is important to educate yourself and your family on the safe operation of propane equipment and appliances. It is suggested that you always call a qualified service technician for installation, inspection, servicing, and repairing of your propane applications.

Here are a few points to remember regarding propane safety:

  • Regularly monitor your tank levels to avoid running out of propane

  • After delivery, check your propane system for any leaks

  • Store and handle portable propane cylinders in an upright position, away from heat and sources of ignition

  • If exposed to liquid propane, use warm water to treat affected skin, flush eyes, and remove clothing frozen to skin

 During floods:

  • Make sure your tank is secured to a fixed object

  • Shut off the gas supply from your tank and propane appliances

  • Shut off both the water valves of your tank

 During winter storms:

  • Ensure you mark your tank by a flag, pole, or stake that is higher than the average snow cover depth

  • As roads might not be accessible to bring in propane supply, have adequate supply in your tank

  • Ensure you clear ice and snow from your driveways to avoid issues like frozen pipes or Carbon Monoxide poisoning

Propane Leaks

Propane has an added odorant, which means any leaks can be detected by its distinct smell, similar to that of rotten eggs or skunk. Propane, when mixed with the right amount of oxygen, can become flammable. It can also displace the oxygen in the air and cause suffocation. In case you suspect a leak, do the following:

  • Extinguish all smoking materials and open flames

  • Turn off the main supply valve on your propane tank

  • Move people out of the building

  • Call your propane supplier and report the leak

  • After deeming it is safe, get your propane system and applications checked


For more information on propane safety, click here to download the PDF on propane safety by the Canadian Propane Association.

At Upper Canada Fuel & Burner, we can supply your propane tanks for a yearly rental fee. All our technicians are licensed to maintain your propane tanks & furnaces. Our professionals can answer all your questions and make the process very easy. Contact us today to learn more and speak to one of our service experts.

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