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Furnace Oil in Peterborough, Oshawa, Kingston and Greater Napanee

Are you looking for furnace oil in Peterborough or the surrounding areas? If so, Upper Canada Fuel & Burner is the right choice for you. Furnace oil is also referred to as fuel oil. At Upper Canada Fuel & Burner, we take pride in offering Peterborough’s residents top-notch service, competitive heating oil pricing, and high-quality products.

As of 2016, the installation code for furnace oil-burning equipment has been updated to require all new furnace oil tanks that need to be installed to be double bottom or double-walled, with a tray installed under all inside tanks. If you have any question about furnace or heating oil, we are here to answer them. We strive to deliver our products in a timely and hassle-free manner. Contact us today!

Improve Your Combustion Efficiency with ThermaClean

ThermaClean is a premium home heating fuel that is formulated to burn cleaner and more efficiently. Upper Canada Fuel & Burner offers ThermaClean, a premium fuel that produces less soot than regular heating oil. This helps in extending the life of your heating system in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Place your order for ThermaClean with us to keep your heating system running smoothly with lower maintenance and waste generation. Usage of this premium fuel not only increases burner cleanliness and efficiency, but it also contains rust and corrosive inhibitors to protect your heating system and oil tanks.

F.Y.I. – For Your Information

When delivering fuel to you for the first time, any fuel provider will require a copy of your Comprehensive Inspection Certificate issued by a licenced technician. This keeps you protected and ensures that your equipment is working safely and efficiently. At Upper Canada Fuel & Burner, we have both delivery and service within the same company which means we can take care of all your heating requirements. Automatic delivery is only offered for your primary heat source.

Quality Furnace Oil Products

Contact us to get quality furnace oil products from Upper Canada Fuel & Burner.

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