Fuel Products in Peterborough, Oshawa, Kingston and Greater Napanee

If you are looking for fuel products in Peterborough, Oshawa, greater Napanee, Kingston or the surrounding area, Upper Canada Fuel & Burner is the right choice for you. At Upper Canada Fuel & Burner, all of the service technicians and drivers are fully licensed and routinely participate in upgrading courses so they have the most up-to-date technology at hand. We ensure the safe, efficient delivery of your fuel products. Whether we are delivering fuel to your home, commercial site or to your farm, you can depend on Upper Canada Fuel & Burner.

“Will Call” or Automatic Fuel Delivery

At Upper Canada Fuel & Burner, we have a number of options for your home heating fuel delivery. You can call Upper Canada Fuel & Burner when you require furnace oil or propane for your home (48-hour notice) or we can set you up on our degree day system. This system will automatically calculate when you will need your heating fuel deliveries and ensure that you never have to worry about checking your tank. Combined with our easy payment methods and professional service, Upper Canada Fuel & Burner can make heating your home one less thing you have to worry about.

Fuel Products

Commercial Fuels

  • All Equipment is set up to code by our licensed technicians.

  • We can fill equipment on construction sites.

  • All our fuel trucks have side compartments so we can deliver lubricants with your fuel.

  • We are available 24/7 for emergency deliveries.

  • We can supply tanks and pumps for permanent or temporary storage.

Agricultural Fuels

  • We can supply tanks and pumps set up to code by our licensed technicians.

  • All of our fuel trucks have side compartments and can deliver lubricants to your farm with your fuel.

  • Ask us about our "no-nonsense lubricants warranty".

  • Our 20 fuel trucks can deliver dyed diesel, clear diesel, and gasoline to your farm on an automatic basis or you can call in when you need it.

Residential Fuels

  • We can deliver to your home.

  • Automatic delivery is only offered for your primary heat source.

  • We can offer emergency services if needed, 24/7.

  • Our three propane trucks ensure propane is delivered on time

Marine Fuels

  • We offer Petro-Canada fuels and lubricants at competitive prices.

  • We deliver to over 15 marinas and resorts in the surrounding area.

Upper Canada Fuel & Burner offers fuel delivery direct to your generators, vehicles, or construction equipment with our On-Site Refueling service. Eliminate the equipment and operator time spent going to a service station or on-site tank/pump to refuel your machines. Save expense and time by having Upper Canada fuel by your fleet when your equipment is parked. Take advantage of the secure online fuel management system which offers you the information you need to track and budget your fuel expenses. More information is available at Petro-Canada On-Site Refueling website.

Quality Fuel Products

Contact us to get quality fuel products from Upper Canada Fuel & Burner.

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