Fuels, Heating Oils and Lubricants in Peterborough

Upper Canada Fuel & Burner offers fuels, heating oils and lubricants in Peterborough. Our fuel products are used for residential, commercial, farm, and marine use in Kingston, Greater Napanee, and Oshawa as well. 

Fuel for Residential Requirements

When you require fuel for your home, we request you to give us a 48-hour notice. If you want we can also keep you in our degree day system, where it will be automatically calculated about your fuel requirements and you don’t have to worry about checking your tank.

Lubricants and Specialty Fluids

We can also supply you with lubricants and specialty fluid from Petro-Canada. We always have stocks of lubricants and greases in our warehouses. Even if we don’t have products in stock, we will deliver you specialty fluids so that your requirements are met.

Furnace Oil

Call us for furnace oil, which we can give you at a great price. We offer premium home heating fuel –ThermaClean. This fuel can improve the combustion efficiency of the furnace, and is more environmentally friendly. 

Propane Gas

If you require propane gas for your barbecues, stoves or any other appliance, we can deliver it to you. It is one of the cleanest fuels in existence. 

To learn more about our products, or for delivery, contact us.

Require Fuel for Residential Usage?

We can deliver fuel for residential purposes. Automatic fuel delivery is also available.

Specialty Fluids and Greases

We can deliver a wide range of innovative lubricants, specialty fluids, greases, and more.

Get Combustion Efficient Fuel

Ask us for ThermaClean which is our premium, eco-friendly heating fuel.

Propane for Homes and Industries

Propane is a cost-effective option, along with being better for your health and environment.

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