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Innovative Lubricants, Specialty Fluids, and Greases

Petro-Canada ™ produces over 350 specialty fluids, innovative lubricants, and greases that deliver greater durability, purity, multi-functionality, and performance. Simply put, we go beyond today's standards in the products and services we provide to help our clients improve their productivity and save money. You can visit the Petro-Canada Lubricants website for more information about this.

"No-nonsense Lubricant Warranty"

It's more than just a Warranty. It's a commitment.

Petro-Canada greases and lubricants are the best and they back it up with a "no-nonsense lubricant warranty". Petro-Canada will repair or replace damaged equipment parts resulting from a failure or defects of the Petro-Canada lubricant, as long as the lubricant is used in accordance with your equipment manufacturer's and Petro-Canada's recommendations.

In Stock At All Times

We have three fully stocked warehouses with over 30,000 litres of high-quality Petro-Canada lubricants and greases. If it is not in stock, Upper Canada Fuels can have specialty lubricants delivered quickly to ensure that all your needs can be met.


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Greater Napanee

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