Residential Credit Application

Address Information

Is delivery address the same? If not please provide.

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Final Details

Delivery Schedule

Automatic (Guaranteed not to run out)
Call In (Require 48 hours’ Notice (will call))
Payment due on receipt of statement
Budget 10 Equal Monthly Payments of with preauthorized payment plan
Net Debit-Full Balance-Auto Payment

Terms of Service

I accept your offer to supply my entire requirements of Home Heating Oil and agree to make payment within the terms or as arranged from time to time with your credit department. I also agree that Upper Canada Fuels may make such investigations of my credit standing as are deemed necessary at any time including obtaining a consumer report from a Consumer Reporting Agency and may exchange such credit information. Upper Canada Fuels reserves the right to limit or withdraw credit at any time at its discretion and to alter the rate of credit charge payable on unpaid balances.
The customer hereby authorizes communication with Upper Canada Fuels via email for invoices/statements and documentations.

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We can deliver fuel for residential purposes. Automatic fuel delivery is also available.

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