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Reliable Cardlock Services 

Cardlocks are automated and unattended fueling sites that are specially designed for fleet vehicles. They are considered to be more convenient and efficient than retail gas stations. You can count on Upper Canada Fuel and Burner (Petro Canada) when you are in need of reliable cardlock services in Peterborough. You can get 24-hour access to our cardlock facilities with a Petro-Pass ™  fuel card. By simply inserting your card at the card reader you can get your vehicle fuel. By owning this card, you’ll receive a monthly invoice that includes date, time, product and tax information for all transactions. This will help you manage your fuel expenses appropriately. 


705 742-8815

Greater Napanee

613 354-6505


613 546-6571

Wayne Lucas

705 742-1920


905 723-3742

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