Upper Canada Fuel & Burner.

24 Hour Emergency Service - All Types of Burners - Oil - Gas - Propane.
Phone - 1-705-742-8815 or Toll Free 1-800-461-6412
Our experienced service technicians from Upper Canada Fuel and Burner and Wayne Lucas Burner Service are available to provide service to any heating or cooling issues you may have with our 24 hour emergency service. 
Our technicians are certified to work on various heating and cooling equipment.  If you require service, repair, or an upgrade of your equipment our technicians are qualified to work on all types, including all gas fired or propane appliances. Upgrade your old air conditioning system with a new energy star rated Trane system and save on your cooling costs. Our service technicians are qualified to service and repair all makes and models of heating systems and air conditioners.

Radiant Flooring

We are radiant floor heating experts and we can install and service all types of boilers to make your home comfortable, regardless of the weather outside.

We install vänEEHeat Recovery Ventilations Systems (HRV’s) to help control excess humidity in your home and prevent damage caused by high humidity.  Not all homes require an HRV, call us if you are not sure.