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24 Hour Emergency Service - All Types of Burners - Oil - Gas - Propane.
Phone - 1-705-742-8815 or Toll Free 1-800-461-6412

Fast & Friendly

Our goal is to deliver the best product, with fast and friendly service at a competitive price.

Our staff are the best in the business, and combined, we have over 200 years of experience in delivering fuel and lubricants making "Your Home a Comfort Zone."

All of our drivers and service technicians are fully licensed and routinely participate in upgrading courses so they have the most up to date technology at hand.

We are Affordable

Payment Methods

Budget Plan Billing

What is a Budget Plan?
We offer our customers the option of opening an interest free Budget Plan that takes the average cost of heating your home over the winter season and spreads the cost over the year which will allow you to pay a lower fixed amount from September to June.  This means that although two-thirds of the fuel to heat your home is used in the coldest one-third of the year, your bill won’t get bigger as the winter gets colder.

Why Would the Budget Plan be good for Me?
You know at the beginning of the season approximately what your fuel cost will be.  Budgeting is much easier when you don’t have to wonder how much the next bill will be or when it will arrive.  While on equalized billing no finance charges are applied to your account.

How Does it Work?
By reviewing your past consumption, we will estimate the cost to heat your home over the year.  Beginning in September, you make 10 equal payments by preauthorized payments or post dated cheque.  In February/March your account is reviewed and any adjustment will be made at that time.

How do I Start the Plan?
Just give us a call or stop by our office and we will be happy to set up a Budget Payment Plan for your account.

Electronic Banking

Upper Canada Fuel & Burner is registered with all major banks to give you an easy option for payment of invoices. To pay by electronic banking, you will need your account number.  As a customer of Upper Canada Fuels you will have a 7 digit account number.  For your convenience listed below is an easy reference to our listings by bank. 

TD Canada Trust  
Bank of Montreal – BMO  
Scotia Bank   
Royal Bank 

Upper Canada Fuels (2001) Limited
Upper Canada Fuels (2001) Limited
Upper Canada Fuels (2001) Limited
Upper Canada Fuels (2001) Limited
Upper Canada Fuels (2001) Limited

If you deal with a bank that is not listed or require assistance in setting up your electronic banking please contact our helpful staff. They will be happy to assist you.

Payment of Balance by Preauthorized Payment

By providing us with a VOID cheque, you can make paying your bill as simple as possible.  Once authorized, each month we will take your balance and have it withdrawn automatically from your account on the 15th of each month.

Credit Cards

We accept payment by debit or credit card.  Upper Canada Fuels accepts payment made using VISA and MASTERCARD in person or by phone.  With your permission, we also process your credit card payments on the 20th of each month.